Sharing Economy: 2 | Work

In my previous post I laid out some information about how the internet has made it possible for us to share educational, research and other instructional resources. Guidance, and learning are more available, more accessible, and more transparent than ever.

That was content for consumption.

The next two posts are about content for participation.

What do you do with the courses, materials, and knowledge which you’ve acquired? Try to apply it somewhere, right? Try to administer it down the right avenues, make use of it, employ it. And just like with all that free educational substance, if you know where to look, you’re half-way there.

But before you hit the list below, think of some questions you might have had while browsing and perusing those resources. If you’ve had an idea about how to improve some of them, or transform the system, or any info that could make the experience more valuable, head on over to Startl and see what can be done!

Freelancing online:

  • Elance – find work: offer your services, get paid. A great outsourcing platform, too.
  • O’Desk – get work, hire, manage and connect with online freelancers.
  • Prospect Solutions – writing/research and outsourcing.
  • Behance – online marketplace and creative portfolios.

Other, similar platforms:

For writers:

Instructional resources:

For web designers and programmers:

Other (general) creatives:

Step away from the computer! (on the road/ active jobs):

  • Expatica – all expat resources.
  • Coolworks – short-term/ contract jobs, worldwide.
  • Backdoor – adventure jobs, worldwide.


Got ideas? Incubators for Startups:

  • Astia – an innovative global not-for-profit organization that propels women’s full participation as entrepreneurs and leaders in high-growth businesses, fueling innovation and driving economic growth.
  • TechStars – seed funding from top venture capital firms and angel investors, intense mentorships from hundreds of the best entrepreneurs in the world.
  • Betaworks – built on the belief that the real-time social web represents a radical shift in how people use the Internet.
  • Dogpatch Labs – connecting entrepreneurs and helping founders conceive, launch and grow startups.
  • WeWork Labs – fosters collaboration among intelligent, creative and driven individuals who may not have otherwise had the opportunity to connect.
  • ER Accelerator – more than 180 mentors, entrepreneurs, operators, functional experts, and investors to help ideas take flight.
  • Founder Labs – an experience, an opportunity, a select group of people with one common mission: launch a new mobile venture. Not everyone succeeds but everyone gets an equal shot to try.
  • Tipping Point Partners – Truth. Inspiration. Distillation. Execution.
  • Consigliere – a modern marketing consultancy armed with an investment fund.
  • First Growth Network – pacing and development milestones, customer acquisition, and recruitment and retention strategies.
  • DreamIt Ventures – startup accelerator program, a community of fellow entrepreneurs to share ideas and inspiration, technologists to join their team.
  • Founder’s Institute – a global network of startups and mentors that helps entrepreneurs launch meaningful and enduring technology companies.


Crowdfunding platforms are themselves amazing for getting ideas AND seeing which kinds of projects get funded, ie. how to do it, although a lot of wildcards can be found there as well, depending on how well you can market it.

Well worth a try because plenty of less-than-amazing ideas have seen the light of day thanks to these!

the more ‘specialised’:

and the more ‘serious’


What about when you have a job, a project or a task, but you want to share the workspace? Sometimes you vibe off people, or simply work better in more organised settings. Also, mingling with like-minded individuals who are in the same boat as you can mean new opportunities. This can be under social, but since it’s work related, I’ll keep it here.

Search for a ‘creative workspace’ in your locale, but here’s a few of the ones for

London > Work Space, Co-Work, Artistic Spaces, The Office Group, Tech Hub, Central Working, The Cube, The Soho Collective, The Trampery, The Third Door, Club Workspace, MetroLAB, Piano Club, B-Hive

NYC > General Assebley, FueledAlley, Grind, The Yard, Con Artist, Green Spaces, New Inc., In Good Company, Micro Office Solutions, New Work City, Projective Co, WeCreate, WeWork


Whether it is sharing space, sharing ideas, sharing referrals, networking, or just hanging out, we all thrive on the flow of ideas, people and relationships.


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