Sharing Economy: 1 | Education

The internet is as expansive and abundant as the universe, they say. There are black holes you aren’t even aware of. Then, there are fast-spinning, enticing galaxies well worth a ride.

And they are (content for consumption |the first of a 3-part Coll.Cons series):

FREE online courses and programmes | Coursera; The Khan Academy; Open Education Consortium; Academic Earth; Apple’s iTunesU; Open Learn; Future Learn; iVersity; EdX; The Open Learning Initiative; Open Yale Courses (can also be found on Coursera); Free Harvard Courses (can also be accessed via EdX); MIT Open CourseWare free audio and video lectures; OneClass access to all available class and lecture notes.

Check more: Education Portal’s list of free online Grad courses;

Open Culture’s comprehensive list of Online audio and video courses from Ivy League and other prestigious universities worldwide;

Online courses with certificates..

Languages – learning, improving and practice: Memrise (languages and more – browse the course list); a list of online resources via Open Culture; Wordpreneur; Verb conjugations and dictionaries for 26 major languages; Lexipedia, the evolution of language visualised; UK Data Explorer – geography of language and the visualisation of European dialects, fun!

Course materials and literatureFree e-books; TechTought’s list; a list of Free audio booksLibriVox a free online library of audiobooks; a list of Free textbooks; Textbook Revolution; PodomaticFree movies; DocumentariesDocumentary addict; Green Planet Films; the full 125 years of National Geographic Magazine archives; Nat Geo Channel; Nat Geo TV; The Science Channel; Discovery..

Info and stats superhighways: Wolfram Alfa; Information is Beautiful; Polymaps; Many Eyes visualisation and presentation tools; The Universal Digital Collection; Europeana; Slide Rocket; Projeqt; and a list of a few others you may want to bookmark.

The arts: Google Cultural Institute; Art Project; Virtual Museum; Getty Virtual Library; National Museum of Natural History; The British Museum Online Tours; Louvre Online Tours; Musee d’OrsayThe Warhol; US Holocaust Memorial Museum; The Met; The Guggenheim; TATE collections and its online learning resources; Impressionists Gallery; The National Gallery Channel; The NGA tour..

The following portals contain amazing talks, discussions, lectures and presentations which are educational and also incredibly entertaining: TEDThe RSABBC

Did I forget something?


Now, where to find the time..!

This is not a call for spending more time online. Just spending it better.

Social media, of course, has its advantages. It is the most comprehensive communication platform in history, so great for spreading the message, reaching people en-masse, and filtering out information. More often that not, however, it’s just a lot of noise and silly chatter.

Take the high road: surf with purpose.

3 thoughts on “Sharing Economy: 1 | Education

  1. Pity that you will not be able to attend……but i will share the interesting details:
    This is just a glimpse into what an opulent opportunities are available…….

    Digital Learning Reimagined, a professional development and networking event being held on Thursday, February 19, 2015, 3 p.m.-7:00 p.m. at Ryerson University.

    We invite educators, entrepreneurs, content and media design experts, publishers, industry leaders and decision-makers to examine digital learning and engage in an insightful exchange of ideas and strategies needed to address the transformational changes occurring in academia and the workplace.
    Speakers include top American experts such as scientist and game-maker, Jeremy Friedberg, founder of Spongelab game-based learning; Philipp Schmidt, Director’s Fellow at MIT Media Lab and co-founder of Peer 2 Peer University; Audrey Watters, a journalist specializing in education technology; George Veletsianos, Canada Research Chair in Innovative Learning and Technology; Stephen Downes, Senior Researcher at National Research Council of Canada, Co-creator of the MOOC, and, Marie Bountrogianni, Dean of The Chang School, Ryerson University and a former cabinet minister.

    Register at

  2. A very much tempting!
    You listed all my favourite and beloved sectors’ links. How not to be tempted? And just not to throw glance? Please add MOOCs (massive online open courses), as one of the first initiatives of free online learning – proudly Canadian!
    Certificate bound! That is something…
    Will write back – this is very much To Be Continued…

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