Show de bola!

There is a popular expression in Brasil, “show de bola!’, which literally means ‘what a show (what a performance)!’ Although it originated in football to express a spectacular performance of a team or a player, it is used to convey any impressive or unforgettable moment. Example:

– Você se divertiu? [Did you have fun?]

– Sim, foi show de bola! [Yes, it was awesome!]


Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro © skitalica

Anyone who knows a thing or two about about football or Brasil, and especially football IN Brasil, knows that, perhaps more so here than in most other places, it’s about dreams, and fighting, and determination, and purposefulness.. it’s about community support and it’s about humanity.

In short, it’s their modus vivendi.. and so much more than a game.

And as far as festivities go, they live for social gatherings, and the kind of collective celebration of life.

I think that’s one of the main reasons why, on my wanderings around South America, I had fallen in love with Brasil, unexpectedly in a way (it actually surprised me because I had gone thinking I’d fall in love with Argentina.. – a vida é  assim surpreendente..)


Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro © skitalica

IMG_7880 - Version 2

Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro © skitalica

Almost exactly 2 years ago (doesn’t seem that long..) I was in Sao Paulo for about 7-8 days, and I stayed at CityLights Hostel in Vila Madalena, a funky neighbourhood of Sao Paulo (endearingly known as Sampa). I inaugurated it, I was their first guest! They opened up the day I arrived ( fact they were still working on bits and pieces) and right away we toasted with a cachaça de miel homemade drink, which was delish. So were their caipirinhas. It’s a beautiful place, with minimal eco design and recycled materials, and an amazing outdoor shower. I loved it, one of the best hostels I’ve stayed at and crews I’ve met and befriended.

We were watching futebol then too, it was the Euro Cup!

Yesterday, their status update on facebook read:

“Dormindo com o Inimigo: o hostel esta’ cheio de Croatas”

meaning: ‘Sleeping with the enemy: the hostel is full of Croats’

Brasil v. Croacia na abertura de Copa esta noite!

IMG_7853 - Version 2

Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro © skitalica


Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro © skitalica


Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro © skitalica

Borra! Força!

2 thoughts on “Show de bola!

  1. Forca!
    That’s the word! Though a bike may missing….
    How about a new tag or a subject called “forca”? For all similar activities and drives that take you further on and on.
    Sweet story.
    Show de bola!

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