London, Italian-job-style

A mini-revolution of guided tours..!

They say that you should play tourist in your hometown at least once. London is, admittedly, not my hometown, but I believe it should be (or, I believe, I belong there). I’ve lived in London, and I’ve visited countless times before and after but I have never taken a guided tour. On my most recent visit, a friend (a born- and bred- Londoner) suggested a special tour, a first for him as well:

Buckle up!

It was brilliant driving around at what felt like warp speed around town (it’s really only because the car is low and very compact). Both the rain drops on the windshield and the low car were distorting the view. The Beatles were playing, the guide was brim full of exciting and quirky facts, pointing out the timeless beauty of the Royal capital, and leading us into narrow passages that, realistically, only minis or bikes can fit through.

I know that the Boris bikes are amazing. I, too, love them – they are green and clean, and so this was a treat.

Well, now I’ve fallen deeply in love with London anew!

4 thoughts on “London, Italian-job-style

  1. cheers, love (:
    yes, Londonders call them ‘Boris bikes’ because they are his very dear project; and he rides them, too

  2. I have just recently seen the movie again, on TV, and had totally forgotten the scenes of minis’ role in that important “let’s do it ” action. Driving was amazing, and I am sure you enjoyed yours through the beautiful London streets, where the left-side-rule made the whole excitement more exciting. Cute, brief comments, good links for one to refresh mind on similar topics. Are they are called Boris bikes, because of Boris Johnson, the mayor?

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