What do you make of a blue?

It’s the sky, the sea

the deep look, the saddest lyrics

the past, the present the future

it’s slick, sly, tricky
powerful, beautiful, true
it’s a drug, a vision..
It’s not only a colour, it’s an analogy.



capoeira blues

there’s a specific shade of blue I miss: the Aegean blue


6 thoughts on “blue

  1. U R not here…
    U R there
    where U want 2 B
    so that’s OK wit me

    however…I do miss U
    without U near,
    my dear,
    I’m always a little bit blue…
    boo hoo hoo

    I know it’s not the end…
    so I won’t go round the bend
    your friend,

  2. There was a beautiful song about how “blue is the colour of the eyes of my love, in the morning, when Sun rise, in the morning when Sun rise, that’s the time, that’s the time I like the best”…
    I am all blue & I miss you!

  3. Will the shadow hide the colors of my heart , BLUE for the tears…. Lu/T.

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