on the sea

the sea is my brother,

inviting me on spontaneous travels as the true counterpart in freedom

late nights in port-side pubs and apartments immersed in hilarious conversations

gusty, salty air at daybreak

the recurring urges to escape from high civilization

and the beautiful, melancholic thievery of solitude

                              (inspired by Kerouac)

4 thoughts on “on the sea

  1. Change your perception. visualize the yin/yang and KNOW that both parts of life exist: good and bad, but you choose how to percieve it.
    Peace and blessings,

  2. got your shells, querida. they’ll be on their way to you with mademoiselle newyorker
    got the “notes” reference, too (: better now?

    moo (: ok maybe, although I’ll need to get some graphite pencils

  3. Grab a shell for me, if they are as beautiful as these ones from your photos. Find the shapes and shades just for me.
    Love the poem, love the pics.
    One remark, though; remove some of them …”too many notes”…LV U

  4. Dah-ling…
    Where wood 1 bee wid-howt de Goddess Deja?
    Wile Winn a blow…chicken batty owtah door…
    Duck doan mine waatta…imm ryse hann fall widd flux hann flow…
    Imm go wey de Wile Winn blow…
    Diss yah Grrrrllll nat hev-va poor…
    She rich to raaasss!
    She a swim fram shore to shore…
    Ah de Billionaire dem wanting…
    Demm doan libb….
    Is nat Libarty horr Debt?
    Deja Woman’s Libb…ing…
    De Phool dem hova Stocks han Shares a frett..
    Demm doan libb…
    Like juss wann hov dis yah grrrrrllll rib…
    Haar small toe…
    Hitt know where fi go!


    Loved the Writing and the Photo-Montage.

    Next time…please do some Drawing too.
    U have no idea how good you are.

    Grey Cloud

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