Parisian velorution

Divided into 20 quarters/neighbourhoods, the city is laid out in a spiral-like shape, pragmatic and brilliantly planned out so that its urban design compliments the transit around the city that services its own constant flux.

The coiled pattern was so constructed to ease traffic congestions and the burdens of transportation flow, although the daily commuters still may face some gridlock.

A few years ago Paris presented the first-ever bicycle rental project and thus revolutionized not only its transportation and tourism scene, but also its social one.

Simple, practical and highly original, after its debut in 2001 Velib project took off flying in Paris, and was soon after implemented in other French cities, and then worldwide, with London the latest, just this spring.

Available 24/7, it became the perfect alternative to night buses and taxis, and residents and tourists all jumped aboard.

The Velib scheme (en francais: velo liberate) was so popular it was dubbed the “velorution” due to great benefits, including: the restitution of urban spaces for pedestrians and cyclists, reduced traffic and transit times, strengthening of the transportation networks and their sustainable projections, less pollution, and more recreation.

Many other cities followed suit. Check out London’s take on it, and Toronto’s attempt.

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