the weird & wonderful Tokyo

While I am still assembling experiences and conceptualizing the (wait for it) brilliant articles on Japan, especially the wind-up Tokyo chronicles, here are a few youtube videos that portray or capture some must-sees that are just so, quintessentially, amazingly, Japanese:

Golden Gai, a quaint little area near Shinjuku station for great dusk-til-dawn pub crawls, comprising of over 250 incredible tiny and quirky bars:

Shomben Yokocho, another small area just behind Shinjuku station full of izakayas that specialize in yakitori (grilled food on a skewer – mostly chicken & meat, some veggies. Similar to kebab)

How to ride the metro at rush hour; just be prepared to be tucked in, and laugh it off:

Partying at club Womb, Innaritu-style:

Buddhist monks in Ginza I witnessed and it threw me back into this segment from Baraka (Tokyo from 11:15+, the monk at 12:23)

A monorail skyliner that goes through Odaiba to Port of Tokyo from Shimbashi station, except that this night video is a bit surreal and sci-fi, making it look like flying (although it’s just a camera placed on a mirror, brill!):

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