educational podcasts

iPods are everywhere, in every ear, to be exact! At least 50% of people (and probably 80% of young people – account for the developed world in this case) are hooked on to their portable audio devices.

We are all ‘escaping’ our ordinary surroundings, isolating ourselves from circumstances – the traffic noise, the crowd, our concerns.. for the most part by listening to music. I thought I’d use that time more efficiently, not to ‘escape’ per se, but tune into something important and interesting.

I looked into different podcasts online and focused on informative, academic and analytical episodes that can inform and/or educate.

You can easily scroll through and pick themes that appeal to you:


More Hip Than Hippie

How Stuff Works

Radio Lab

The Ocean Doctor

Just search for free subscriptions on iTunes – there are so many, you are bound to find something that will peak your interest and gain your attention: Scientific American’s 60-second Earth, Earthfiles, Green TV, Planet Green, Oxford University’s Environmental Change Institute…

tune in!

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