Oceans day

Today is World Oceans Day – embrace the big blue!

They need protecting and, as they cover 3/4 of our planet’s surface, it’s a very big endeavour, but extremely beneficial to the health of our environment.

WWF urges protection, as “over one billion people rely on oceans for protein, and the demand is only growing, but two-thirds of the world’s marine stocks are fully exploited, over-exploited, depleted or recovering at a slow rate.”

This includes:

– protection of marine ecosystems (full conservation of designated cultural, recreational and industrial uses);

– sustainable fishing (designating ocean zones for compatible uses that are most ecologically appropriate);

– managing shipping and trade (implementing systematic approaches to sustainable international and inter-coastal practices);

– forestallling pollution and toxicity;

– marine spatial planning (long-term benefits to coastal communities and industries);

– improving and managing ocean resources;

– not to mention performance and safety standards and emergency response (or prevention!) of disasters such as oil spills……

WWF is urging action and their Oceans Program is brilliant. Here’s the latest.

Check out a website of Oceans Project for more detailed info on what the ‘celebration’ (action) entails.

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