hurry up and travel

time is ticking away

Newsweek’s special edition on a 100 places to remember before they disappear has an endangered list of dear places that could be obliterated due to climate change and ensuing environmental problems.


How tragic… to think that maybe in the future we wouldn’t be able to go back to places that have once meant something to us, that the world will see many environmental refugees and entire regions will be talked about as if they are myths..


The list includes some prominent spots like: the Antarctic Peninsula and the North Pole, the Great Barrier Reef, Maldives and any other low-lying island nations, Venice, the Austrian Alps, the Aegean Sea, Lake Baikal, Nepalese Himalayas, California’s Big Sur…. you get the picture. And speaking of pictures, there are some breathtaking ones in the issue. Makes you want to pack up and go, and try to save these places with your own hands


So … what are you waiting for?


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