BP oil spill!

An oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico exploded and sank down to the ocean floor, dragging sideways the pipes, which consequently burst and started pouring huge amounts of oil into the ocean – 1000s of barrels a day (some say in a range of 4-5000).

Not an oil ‘spill’ but a full-on ‘leak’ any more. Impossible to patch up or contain, the officials realized that the best solution might be to burn it, so off they went.

Saddening and quite ironic that on Earth Day something so viral and uncontainable occurs, killing our environment.

Unfortunately, it looks like it’s so out of hand, with no quick resolution in sight. Will keep a close watch on the cataclysm of the Gulf of Mexico and its ecosystem.

A briefing explaining what exactly went on

From BP themselves

From CNN news central

Treehugger timeline

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