Leisurely Marrakech

souks on Jamaa al’Fna square at night

Morocco is a northern African trade nation on the cultural and geographical crossroads between Africa, Mediterranean Europe and the Middle East, and it certainly yields a unique international vibe that has flourished here for centuries.

Conducting business is an integral part of Moroccan life, as it is radiated in local’s daily conducts and lifestyles. Their hospitality and enthusiasm for trade, commerce and success is an intriguing and memorable affair.


Skillfully blended traditional and innovative flavours and aromas emanating from the kitchens are luring and mouth-watering. Dishes are complemented by the surrounding ambiance, perfectly matched to enhance a connoisseur’s experience, making the most of a commemorative event or a festive night out.

For real-life insight into traditional culture and a step away from the sophistication and formal settings of the restaurants on the grounds, nothing comes close to food stalls on Jamaa al-F’na square by the ancient Medina walled town in central Marrakech.

Not to be missed refreshments include Berber’s whiskey [a strong tea made from fresh mint leaves and served with or without refined sugar] or a freshly squeezed orange juice from adjacent kiosks with a treat of homemade sweet meringues.



The town, positioned in the desert beneath the Atlas Mountains, is surrounded by seven fresh lakes and immaculate fragrant gardens. Snowy-peaked Atlas mountains ridge the striking buff desert dunes and the bustling historic city.

In Muslim nations, especially of this part of the world, the spas are of traditional significance and are an important part of culture, as much as for personal wellness and vigor as for social interaction and communal attachment.

© Deja Dragovic [published in National Geographic Traveler UK/IR, June 2009]

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