new chapters

Parola d’ordine: aggiornamento

Catchword of the moment: RE-FRESH

Re-fresh puo portere l’individuo ad una sorta di ansia da riconfigurazione del proprio schema mentale, introducendo di continuo nuovi elementi e nuovi stimuli.

Re-freshing can cause a sort of anxiety caused by reconfiguring one’s mindset by continuously introducing new elements and stimuli

Mettere “a giorno” conoscenze e comportamenti sembre essere oggi, un imperative per la sopravivenza, cosi da bruciare nell’ansia di non perdere il passo, retaggi di tradizione e l’uso disteso di un tempo che ormai ci sfugge di mano.

“Upgrade”, in the sense of bringing up to date, or refreshing one’s knowledge, practices and styles, seems to be the catchword of the moment, where one’s very survival seems to depend on it.

I’m half-present, half-elsewhere.. completely fascinated.

One thought on “new chapters

  1. Thanks for the Italian.
    One of my favourite languages….though I have little opportunity to practice.

    Life is a Mystery.
    I reboot…refresh every day…
    why is it such a problem for everybody?

    I will answer that.
    Because they THINK THEY KNOW IT ALL.
    They leave little room for NEW to break in.
    Eventually the NEW does!
    They are forced to re-fresh…re-boot….and are uncomfortable.

    They want to live in their same old same old FICTIONS.

    Life will not allow that!

    I am with life…

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